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Elite Exteriors - Case Studies

Elite Exteriors has a proven track record when it comes to restoring external services to their former glory, below are just a few examples of how we've helped our customers.

Velodrome Cleaning

The summer flooding had made the track unusable


Both the track and the velodrome were covered in inches of mud and silt


the sunshine returns to aid the cleaning


the heavy equipment moves in


high pressure hoses remove the grime


the finished restoration


Halesowen Athletic Cycling clubs velodrome and running track restoration

Following the summer flooding Halesowen Athletic & Cycling clubs velodrome and running track was almost fifty percent covered in mud, sludge and silt, rendering it unusable. Elite Exteriors worked with Charles Lawrence Group to evaluate the damage and schedule a clean up operation.

Specialist equipment was required to remove the high volume of debris and specialist high pressure washers to restore the surface back to its previous condition. The work was completed in 7 days allowing both tracks to be reused within 14 days.

"On behalf of Halesowen A & CC I’d like to thank everyone at Elite Exteriors for their prompt and efficient service, without your help our track would have been out of action for months."
Steve Millington, Chairman, Halesowen Athletics and cycling club.

Sports Surface Cleaning

the heavily mossed surface had become dangerous and unplayable


elite exteriors evaluated the pitch


the cleaning work begins-high pressure hot water in this case


the final result-a clean moss free surface with greatly improved grip


A synthetic rubber surface football pitch had become unplayable, dangerous and an eyesore. Elite Exteriors worked with Charles Lawrence Group to evaluate the pitch and schedule a clean up operation.

Specialist high pressure washers and high power vacuums were used to restore the playing surface back to its previous condition, whilst manual labour was considered the most effective way of removing waste debris. The work was completed in 2 days allowing football to recommence immediately.

A regular maintenance programme has now been commissioned including the application of moss killer to ensure the playing surface does not become unsafe again.

"I am happy to recommend your services to anyone. The work you did on our site was excellent and we are very happy with it."
Dennis Tymon, Yorkshire Main Miners Football Club.

Driveway Restoration

the drive was dirty and full of weeds


elite exteriors specialist rotary cleaner soon sorted the problem


the driveway is restored back to its former glory


the final result after cleaning and re-sanding


A block paved driveway had become weed invested and moss ridden, and no longer created the correct impression on visiting the property.

Elite Exteriors provided a detailed quote to include the cleaning of the driveway, re-sanding and sealing. Specialist rotary cleaners and high pressure washers were used to restore the surface back to its original condition. Once cleaned and dry the joints were re-sanded and a high performance sealer was applied to reduce weed growth and provide surface protection. The work was completed in 2 days and significantly enhanced the look of the property.

"Elite were extremely professional in there approach. Jeremy and his team turned up on time and thoroughly cleaned and refurbished the block paving making it look like new."
Nino Pucacco, Longthorpe, Peterborough.


Safety Surface Cleaning

St Georges Primary School,


The school safety surface had not

Been cleaned in a number of years.

Terry Pearson the sschool site

Manager called Elite Exteriors

to enquire about our safety surface